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Кое е момичето, което втрещи "Гудисън" с яке на Челси в мача срещу Юнайтед?

Емили Рогавски е фенка не само на Челси, но и на Бастиан Швайнщайгер

Come on Chelsea

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Haven't smiled this big in a long time

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Когато се опитваш да гледаш мача, но хората около теб не спират да повтарят „Да не се е изгубила?”

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Major Throwback

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He hates Tottenham Don't we all

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I've been anticipating this weekend's game since the schedule was released. I then called my mom saying "Don't schedule anything, I'm coming to Boston." I knew it could be the last time I would ever see you play in MLS. Or EVER. I teared up over the sentimental value of this game. At Gillette I watched my first MLS game out of my"I hate MLS stage" 4yrs ago. When you came to MLS I couldn't believe it.I used to hate MLS cus I didn't feel the passion & now the most passionate player I know was bringing life into this league.What you did at every other team was legendary, but to this day I still can't grasp the impact you've made in MLS.I thought "Now everyone in the US who didn't know Drogba will now feel his magic." I remember at your debut everyone was shocked we traveled from NYC, but we couldn't imagine missing the first page of your new chapter,&what a historic story it has been.I never once took for granted all the times I saw you play.Each time my heart was filled with pride & admiration. I felt it was my duty of Chelsea Family to care for you in MLS.Maybe that came in the form of cookies or letters,posters &books, but I just wanted you to feel loved & appreciated here.Over the last year it went deeper than being a fan. You are someone I really care for &whose advice I value.I just didn't think it would end this way.I wanted to be there for the last page as well.I wanted to show my support on this journey&celebrate YOU.A King, a leader,a mentor, &a friend.If I already missed that last page, & you already played your final game, I just want to say THANK YOU for everything.The kindness,the love, the conversations& your time.Your advice, support,your inspiration. Your encouragement,smiles, autographs, your hugs.Thank you for the best moments of my life. Thank you for being a light in my dark times.Thankyou for opening my mind & teaching me new things.Thank you for making my mom so happy as well.Thank you for making me a better person.Thank you Didier.For everything.Even if you don't play I really hope I get to see you this weekend,but if not I will always admire &be proud of you no matter what*We can watch Chelsea play ManU while eating cookies & brownies*

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Емили е голяма фенка на Дидие Дрогба

I cannot believe it was one year ago when I finally met @didierdrogba at his book signing. This day meant so much I even got 'Commitment' tattooed. I remember all of the details like it was yesterday.. Waking up at 3am to catch the earliest train to London. Being one of the first people in line & shaking with excitement. I've cried every time I saw you play, but I said to myself "This is different. You are finally properly meeting him. You have to stay calm." When you walked in I teared up a little bit. The way you command attention when you walk in the room is no different from than the energy you bring on the pitch. I was very impressed with how I was keeping my composure. It was finally my turn & I walked up to the table nervously, with your book in one hand & card for you in the other. I wondered if you would recognise or remember me. I thought I'd tell you that I was the girl who has your autograph tattooed or had the huge sign at your debut. But as I got closer to the table you had a smirk on your face. I thought I was doing something wrong! When I got to the table before I even opened my mouth you said "Hello Emily" in your deep voice & smiling. I now know that smirk really meant "I'm going to confuse her & freak her out so badly." I was SPEECHLESS & totally NOT as cool & slick as I intended to be!! One of the few words I was able to say was "It's for my mom! I wish she was here!" & looking back now it's so amazing that you two finally met as well. I was also able to say "Didier can I give this to you please" as the security guard tried ripping the card out of my hand I'm glad I got to redeem myself this summer haha. I'm so glad I had the opportunity then to thank you. The first of many letters Back then I could have never ever imagined everything that happened this past year. Once again, thank you for everything Angel Didier #DailyDoseOfDidier

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Наистина, голяма фенка на Дрогба.

Good luck kiss for the King

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When you take your braid out after playing in the rain

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Емили наистина е футболна фенка и следи не само любимците си Челси

An zil fan, not an Arsenal fa Wow. What a picture

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Евертън се добра до точката в домакинството си на Манчестър Юнайтед, стигайки до 1:1 с гол от дузпа в последната минута.

Освен върху поредния провал на „червените дяволи”, вниманието бе приковано и върху интересен фен на трибуните на „Гудисън парк”.

Феновете в социалните мрежи забелязаха момиче с яке на Челси, въпреки че на терена играеха Евертън и Юнайтед.

Името на въпросното момиче е Емили Рогавски. Тя е американка, но живее в Англия и фенка на „сините” от Лондон. През този уикенд гледа своите любимци в гостуването им на Манчестър Сити.

След като Челси победи „гражданите” на „Етихад” в събота, Емили е имала време да мръдне и до Ливърпул, за да гледа още един мач.

А за това защо е била с яке на Челси, отговорът даде самата тя: „До всички хейтъри – който иска, може да ми купи яке, защото имам само това.”, добавяйки, че е от жените, които харчи парите си за билети за мачове, а не за дрехи.

Мечтаната жена?

Емили обаче не е фенка само на Челси, но и на Бастиан Швайнщайгер. За нейно съжаление, не успя да види германския си любимец в игра за Юнайтед.

Още може да видите в галерията.